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Class 9






Coordinate Geometry


In Which quadrant do the follo...

In Which quadrant do the following points lie ? (i) (4,3) (ii) (-3,-2) (iii) (-2,1) (iv) (2,-5)

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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batana ki Char ukhadna jo hai vah kis kurti Silai karte hain social marketing content yoga trainer to ismein quality discuss kar chuke hain ki Iske yah Jo co-ordinate Axes Hoti Hai yah plane 4 parts with white karte hain ismein se jo pahla paath hai jo pahla paath team score in first quadrant bolate hain aur uske andar jo ki jo science Hote Hue donon positive hote hain discusses already and then this is second quadrant uske andar sign convention hota hai accorded negative and Y coordinates positive and this is our third quadrant aur uske andar Hamare contact negative hote hain and then this is for four continents tender aapka X + Y coordinates aapka negative hota hai sunao Hamen to do is we just have to look the sign-in science of these points and then will go in the co-ordinate

plane and find find out in which quadrant the light so that I am let se film first point lete aa first point is a Naam De Diya ai433 so ismein aapka yah Hai yah recorded export kar sign Dekhenge this is positive so and this week on it is cause of sin Dekha To yah bhi positive Tu Jahan Main Yahan Se Bhi did use kar sakte ke donon hi exported by cotton kurti Mein Apne Catering College Peene Jaenge To Aisa Ek Hi Tha Jiske andar donon ki signs of science positive Hota Hai Uska dawai quoted on positive sirf first quadrant more than to bol sakte hain kya this 43 lion first quadrant ok no similarly full take second year now as point apna hai in call this

be this is a minus b minus 2 is something iska sign Kya Hai To Ham Dekhte excotica Sahi negative negative negative Hote so i s l third quadrant iskandar third Karan Kundra donon hi coordinates ke sign negative Hota Hai To Ham is se bol sakte hain Ke Jo point Hamara -3 and -2 Hai Bulai Karta Hai Hamara third quadrant Mein Ab Lekar third point Hamara third point Hai netsuite see this is -2 comma suar wish Hum Dekhenge iska jo x-coordinate hai aapka hua hai aapka negative and why coronavirus positive officer Kisko date Mein Hota Hai Jiska x-content negative Ho and Y coordinates aapka positive dekhiae s s Colony aapka Yuva explain negative iconic positive Siya se bol sakte hain ki -2

common like karta hai aapka second quadrant Mein so this is a point is D2 - 5 x coordinator positive or why convert Negative exponent positive for Y coordinates of quota for Soami bol Sakte diet with a Karke yah Jo to comma -50 like Karta Hai fourth quadrant Mein show me pata chal gaya hai ki 4 point squandered Malai karte hain jaise ki jo first quadrant hai jo first point aapka Hua FIR Nahin Karte on display line third quadrant and this line second quadrant and the two Commerce Online fourth quadrant so you can easily find ke koi bhi point is called alaikatha bus aapko karna kya hua kya aapko pahle to yah chij Yad Karni Hogi Ki Har quadrant ke science Yad karne main aapko aur Jab Koi Yad Ho Jaega To aap koi bhi point lekin Uske x-coordinate viscount ka aapko sign

dekhna Hoga bus aap match Karenge aur battery bata sakte hain ki aapka kis college mein like Karta Hai thank you


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