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Co-ordinate Geometry


In what ratio does the point (...

In what ratio does the point `(( 24)/(11) , y)` divide the line segment joining the points `P(2, -2) and Q(3, 7)`? Also find the value of y.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Let M `((24)/(11), y)` divide the line segment joining the points <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `P(2, -2) and Q(3, 7)` in the ratio `k:1`. <br> `therefore" "(24)/(11)=(k(3)+1(2))/(k+1)" "` (by using section formula) <br> `rArr" "11(3k+2)=24(k+1) rArr" "33k+22=24k +24` <br> `rArr" "33k-24k = 24-22rArr" "9k=2` <br> `therefore" "k=(2)/(9)` <br> `therefore` Required ratio = `k:1` <br> `i.e., " "(2)/(9):1` <br> `i.e., " "2:9` internally. <br> `therefore ` Required ratio = 2: 9


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hello friends so here is a question it says that in what ratio does a point 24 by 11 vi divide the line segment joining the points to A man is true and 37 that is cute also find the value of Y admit draw a line segment first let this be a line segment p u with points to comma - June and 37 again and there is a point that city with the coordinates 2474 by 11 vi which is dividing the line segment that sendari should plan days to 12 where to find the value of Lambda and also you to find the value of Y ok so let's chat by using Section formula by using the Section formula I can write that screen to Lambda + 2 into

one that is true / Lambda + 1 will be equal to 24 by 11 right and similarly 7 Lambda - 2 x minus 2 into 1 minus 2 / lender place when will be equal to Y that so if I solve this thing we will have 11 into 333 Lambda + 22 = 224 Lambda + 24 night have done the cross multiplication year so finally have had this thing I can write this as 24mm will go to the US citizen become 9 Lambda = 22 rates from your record the value of Lambda 999 right now initially be said that this point it is providing a line segment in the racial and s213

got the value of a 219 sanskari those numbers 21 and we got the value of land as 219 serratia will be to buy Nike so from here I can see that it is dividing the line segment PQ in the ratio 2 is to night ok so this will be our first answer now with the help of this we can find the value of y f i put the value of Lambda asuma nine year disine Vikram Lander in 299 that is 49 - 2 / ladies 2 band 9 + 1 = 2y right so if I take LCM this will become 40 - 18 / 2 + 9 8 and 9 in the denominator will be cancelled out from the numerator and denominator so this is equal to Y

so 14 - 18 it is -4 divided by 9 plus two that is 11 rate so I got the value of Y S minus 4 by 11 ok sorry sorry to answers I want to help you thank you


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