In what quadrant does an angle lie if <br> (a) its sine is positive and its cosine is negative ? <br> (b) Its tangent positive and its sine is negative ? <br> (c ) its cosine is positive and its tangent is negative ? <br> (d) its sine is negative and its cosine is positive ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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everyone that start the question that involved and does the angle lie is question is it sin is positive and cosine is negative bhi option B question tangent is positive and sin is negative equation is sin is positive and tangent is negative and equation is sin is negative and cosine is positive so we have given that let this is the quad and so this is the first second third and this is food now here all are positive all positive here are positive or negative in third quadrant 10 and Kota positive and negative and fourth quadrant cosine and sec are positive and negative

believe we can answer all the questions first is sign positive and negative and it all the cord and only here was positive after first quadrant cost positive what sign is negative france's Food Court and the question is tennis positive what sign is negative Chinese here all are positive but we need to find 10 positive sign negative only Naat third quarter to we can see that third quadrant now situation is positive this chord and tangent negative in this wasn't only so that will be the warden question is negative in squad and sin is negative and positive and this is the so that will also the fourth quarter to this is the final answer I hope you understood it thank you

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