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Congruence Of Triangles


In triangles ABC and PQR, AB ...

In triangles `ABC and PQR, AB = 3.5cm, BC =7.1cm, AC = 5cm, PQ= 7.1cm, QR = 5cm and<br> PR = 3.5cm. `Examine whether the two triangles are congruent or not. If yes, write the congruence relation in symbolic form.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : We are given,<br> `AB = PR = 3.5 cm`<br> `BC = PQ = 7.1cm`<br> `AC = QR = 5cm`<br> So, by SSS congruence, these two triangles are congruent. `Delta ABC ~= Delta RPQ`<br>


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integral question two Triangles ABC and pqr are given and their sides are a b is equal to 3.5 CM BC is 7.1 CM AC is 5 cm similarly in the triangle pqr PQ is equal to 7.1 CM QR is 5 cm and PR is 3.5 CM we have to determine whether this two Triangles are congruent or not so here as you can see in the given figure the ab here it is equal to 3.5 cm and PR is also 3.5 CM so here we can write that a b is equals to B is equals to 3.5 CM similarly similarly we can say that this BC PC in the triangle ABC is equal to PQ is equal to PQ and both are 7.1 and their third side is also equal so here AC is equals to h q is equals to 5 p.m.

M so we can say that these both triangle are congruent using the SSS congruence rule so here we can simply right it to be angle abc is congruent to triangle pqr are using SSS all the sides are equal show SSS congruence frenchy so that these two given Triangles are congruent and that's the answer

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