In `triangleABC`, the expression `(b^(2)-c^(2))/(asin(B-C)) + (c^(2)-a^2)/(bsin(C-A)) +(a^(2)-b^(2))/(csin(A-B))` is equal to

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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triangle ABC and we want to find the value of these equations in term are so first first we know that it upon sin a is equal to be upon sin b equal to see upon sin see that is equal to 2 are you know the identity we know this identity the user's identity and B square minus C square and all is equal to 2 into sin and it is equal to 2 update is for square sin square B minus 4 y square sin square C similarly into a that is equal to 2 sin a sin b minus C and Sin B minus C B 1 1 1 term only one term similarly all time may be calculated for this is equal to four R square into sin square B minus sin square x square minus sin square c and

divided YouTube time B minus 3 into x minus C H U no no in a triangle A plus B plus C A + B + c and this is a hair sin a + b + C is equal to 5 software written S5 pro hair return is equal to 5 minus b + c equal to 5 PC using that is equal to 2 hour into sin square B square minus sin square x square minus sin theta minus sin sin a returner's 5 minus b + 3 Sin B minus 2 Sin A minus b + c that is equal to sin a sin b + C + see that is sin

squared closing and divided by sin b + c into Sin B minus C again we have identity again we have an entity that is sin sin b + 3 into x minus 3 is equal to sin square b square c square minus sin square x is cancelled out for this is equal to 2 is equal to 2 similarly we have a status all three times and it is these and this and this value of 2 hour to attend to ask so this is equal to answer our answer it to our plus 2 h + to prove that is equal to similarly it is option number disconnect thank you

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