In triangle ABC, prove that (b/c+c/b) cosA +(a/b+b/a) cos C+(a/c+c/a)cosB=3



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Updated On: 12-5-2021

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Solution :
By projection formula <br> a=bcosC + c cos B <br> b=acosC + c cosA <br> c=a cosB + b cosA <br> LHS `=(b/a+c/b)cosA + (a/b+b/a) cos C+ (a/c+c/a) cosB` <br> `=(b/c cosA + a/c cosB) + (c/b cosA +a/b cosC) + (b/a cos C + c/a cos B)` <br> `=c/c+b/b + a/a` <br> =3



00:00 - 00:59illustrate the question is in triangle abc prove that b b c plus c by b x Cos A + B + B by 1 x Cos C + BC + c by a x cos b is equal to 3 so let's prove it shows a triangle ABC hey this is bi this is SI recite corresponding to angle A is a the side corresponding to Angle B is B andesite corresponding to angle C Shubh I projection formula we know that a cos b + b cos A is equal to C and B cos A +
01:00 - 01:59cos b is equal to a and a cos c + cos A is equal to b with the help of this projection formula we will prove this identity the lhs theories will multiply cause a with this term and costly with this term and possibly with this dump so we have pbc cause a plus c by b cos A plus a by b cos C + B by a cos C + this will cause this cost will be multiplied with these two terms so multiplying costly it is a b c cos b + c by a cos b now
02:00 - 02:59now we'll see the denominator so this and this had the same denominator so we will write this both together So B cos a + b cos B kaun si plus again find the same denominator value so this and this had the same diameter that is cos A + cos C phone bhi plus Sabhi the same denominator is a and the say these are the two terms so we will write these two terms together so it will become beacause Si + c = b phone next step vacancy B cos A + cos b + b cos A + cos b is equal to C so we can write C upon
03:00 - 03:59C plus we will have C Cos A + 1 or c Sushi Cos A + 1 or she is given as b b b b + b cos C + c = b is equal to a hey so this will be cancelled out with this we will be cancelled out with b and a will be cancelled out with a now we have three and this is the value what we have to prove in the question part so hence proved thank you students

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