Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


In triangle A B C ,tanA+tanB+t...

In triangle `A B C ,tanA+tanB+tanC=6a n dtanAtanB=2,` then the values of `tanA ,tanB ,tanC` are, respectively (a)`1,2,3` (b) `3,2//3,7//3` (c)`4,1//2` `,3//2` (d) none of these


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this question we are given a triangle ABC and we are given that 10 1 + tan b is equals to 6 and 10 8nb to then we have to find the values of a and b and 10c triangle ABC this implies that a + b + c is equals to 5 and this implies that can of a and b + C is equal to tan tan b into 10 see this is one of the trigonometric identity which we should remember so now we know that 10 A + tan B tenses 6 and this is equals to 10A 10B to 10c so this implies that 10 of 23 and 10 10 b is equals to 6 - 3 which is 3

and 10 to solving these two equations what we get is 10 A + 2 Y tan A is equals to 3 and square - 3 ton in + 2 is equals to zero solve this equation we can I discussed and a minus 1 into 10 power minus 2 is equals to zero and this one will get 10 is equal to 22 not a gift and then we can be one so the values of

a and b can we one or two and three options provided one two and three is the only possible case which we have another option option is correct option