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Trigonometric Functions


In Triangle A B C ,B C=8,C A=6...

In Triangle `A B C ,B C=8,C A=6a n dA B=10.` A line dividing the triangle `A B C` into regions of equal area is perpendicular to `A B` at point `Xdot` Find the value of `B X Isqrt(2)dot`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : y=xtanB<br> `2(xy)/2=(6*8)/2`<br> `xy=24`<br> `x*xtanB=24`<br> `x^2*3/4=24`<br> `x=4sqrt2`<br> `BX=x=4sqrt2`<br> Value of `(BX)/sqrt2=(4sqrt2)/sqrt2=4`.


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this question in triangle ABC is equal to 8 2 6 and a Big Boss 2 10 line dividing the triangle ABC in two reasons of equal area is perpendicular to VP at point x in find the value of x by root 2 ok kya hai right angle triangle ABC is a triangle ok pay perpendicular points e-business and this will be a 90 degree total length is ab is equals to 10 and this one is 6 and 8 attend triangle at C line line dividing the triangle ABC into regions of equal area is perpendicular to VP at point x

1 liner Bhi Koi vah joki perpendicular expert advice the area of triangle ABC in two parts so this is X X distances is small Axe and this is why so we know that area of triangle is old English two times of x and y by to ok kya hoga why into mixed by 2 is equal to the area of the triangle ABC because yah Kis Ko Hath Mein divide karti hai so this is equals to iska all cut Jaega perpendicular is sex into base is 8 by to ok yahan se value to set to cancel out Odia seyx into mobile kiske cal hamare pass to see photo MP se 26 into 420

for now we can that it has this y = 2 X + Y = 2 x 10 be so this is being so this will Wi-Fi access code 210 be led to the phone basis can be so why Kisi Ko ex 10B cakewala Gaya theek hai be so X into my Y cos 2x 10 B equal to 24 Bihar se x square into 10 10 20 10B is 3 by 4 ok this is 354 which is cost 24 38 times cancel auto X squire Kiska Laga 32 18 24 32 X X equals to 4 root 2

Eczema pass kiya Gaya for route to show you to find the value of x upon root 2bx this BF distance = 2x BF kiske could be a sequel to xkx camera for root 2 value of x by road to kya Jayegi BSC for root 2 by root 2020 to cancel out this is equal to 4 x by root 2 value comes out to be equal to 4 so the CBS afforestation ok