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In the given figure, AB = DB and AC = DC. If angle ABD = 58^(@), angle DBC = (2x - 4)^(@), angle ACB = y + 15^(@) and angle DCB = 63^(@), find the values of x and y. <img src="https://doubtnut-static.s.llnwi.net/static/physics_images/SEL_RKB_ICSE_MAT_IX_C09_E01_010_Q01.png" width="80%">



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Updated On: 5-5-2021

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Answer :
`x = (16.5)^(@) and y = 48^(@)`



00:00 - 00:59in this question it is given that in the adjoining figure ab is equals to DB AC is equal to DC if angle a BD is 58 degrees angle DBC is equal to 2 x minus 4 degrees angle ACB is equal to Y + 15 degrees and angle DCB request 63 degrees to find the value of x and y the festival will take this triangle ABC and triangle DBC in triangle in triangle abc and triangle DBC BC BC that AB is equals to bid that is given to us a b is equal to TB disease given to a given similarly it is also given that AC is equals to DC to AC is equal to DC this is also given to us thirdly the side BC is common in both the triangle that is ABC
01:00 - 01:59Andy BC BC is common field as BC is equals to BC which is common in both of the Triangles now according to this due to SSS property SSS congruence property the triangle ABC will be congruent to triangle DBC bye-bye SSS congruence rule that is side side side so these are congruent therefore therefore angle a DC that is this angle will be equal to angle DBC that is this angle will be equal to angle DBC these both of the angles are equal so we can write this as angle DBC is equal to half of angle A bid that means we can write this angle DBC half of this Ho langur
02:00 - 02:59ab Di but we're given that angle DBC is equals to 2 x minus 4 degrees and angle abc is equal to 58° 50 substitute these values this will be equal to 2 x minus 4 degrees is equal to half into angle abc is 58 degrees 52 x minus 4 x minus 4 is equal to 29° if we transfer this photo the right hand side this will be equal to 2 X will be equal to 29 plus 4 that comes out to be ko 233 to the value of x will be equal to 33/2 that is 16.5 degrees so the value of X equal to 16.5 degrees no similarly we approve the triangle to be congruent that is ABC is congruent to triangle DBC to angle ACB will also be equal to angle DCB Again by cpct so
03:00 - 03:59therefore therefore angle which was angle angle ACB angle ACB will be equal to angle DCB again bye-bye CP City so if you replace the value of angle ACB and DCB that is angle ACB is given to be Y + 15 and angle ACB is given to 6 degrees CP substitute the values this will be equal to Y + 15 is equal to 63 degrees so why will be equal to 63 - 15 that will come out to be equal to 48 the value of Y is 48 and the value of x 16.5

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