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In the given figure, A B C D i...

In the given figure, A B C D is a parallelogram C M_|_A B and B L_|_A D. (a) If\ A B=16\ c m ,\ A D=12\ c m , C M=10\ c m ,\ find\ B L\ (b) If\ A D=10 c m ,\ C M=8c m ,\ B L=12\ c m ,\ find A B .



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Updated On: 2-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the impression share that in the given figure ABCD is a parallelogram is there is a parallelogram ABCD that we are given so this is a parallelogram a b c d is a parallelogram and question for the says that CM CM is we can do not this as a cm is perpendicular to A B C M is perpendicular to ab basically the base is a b and altitude cm is given and we are also given that BD is perpendicular to it that means this is B L in this is perpendicular to it so it is base and BLS altitude now in the first part we are given that the length of a b is given which is 16 cm that is length of the base is given the length of the altitude corresponding to this basis given which is 10 cm so cm is 10th
01:00 - 01:59Nitin the base ap is 16 cm then we are also given the base of the base base radius 12 CM Naveen know that area of parallelogram formula for area of parallelogram is base X height or attitude we can say so and because we're talking about this same parallelogram so the area will remain same now we can equate we can put this base when this base 12 is considered the attitude that we will consider BBL will be equal to when this days we will be considered and the altitude corresponding to this place will be 10 so we will get b l is equal to 16 X 10 is 160 / 12 now dividing it dividing 160 but well will give us on / 4 will get 14 the numerator and
02:00 - 02:59nominator so will get 40 by 3 cm this is the length of beer in the first part of the question on the second part of the dimensions we are given we are given a t is equals to 10 cm and cm is equal to 8 cm and dimensions are changed Sabir given the altitude CM corresponding to base Avian we supposed to find out the length of Ab you are also given the base and the altitude corresponding to this base b l is given 12 CM no gain your going to use the same formula for area of parallelogram is the base is X height and because you are talking about the same Balam so 10 x 12 will give us the area of parallelogram 10 x 12 the area of Pelham which will be equal to the product of a b and it because again we are also we are getting the area of parallelogram from here also known solving it will get
03:00 - 03:59baby x 8 is equal to 120 this site will go to the right inside the equation and we will have 128 128 will be 15 that means the length of abs 15 so this is the value that that was supposed to find the question that find ABC AB is 15 cm and the first part was supposed find out the length of BL BL is 43 CM that's all thank you

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