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In the given diagram 'O is the...

In the given diagram 'O is the centre of the circle and AB is parallel to CD. AB = 24 cm and distance between he chord AB and CD is 17 cm. It the radius of the circle is 13 cm, find the length of the chord CD.



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Updated On: 10-6-2021

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Answer :
10 cm



00:00 - 00:59hello when in this question is given that in the given diagram who is the centre of circle ab is parallel to CD it is given a bi measurement is 24 cm and distance between the chords ab and CD is given 17 cm if the radius of circle is 13 cm find the length of Gods CD ok so look here in the figure this is CD God we need to find its length ok so that's right measurement data given to syndication radius is given radius is 13 cm radius is in the figure it is 13 cm ok and similarly if I draw line like this from point c2o ok so this is also the radius ok said that's right here she is also the radius ok and what we need to find we need to find length of Chord CD ok so let's start here if I'll consider this triangle a.m. ok so in triangle oem ok ab is given ab is given that is 24
01:00 - 01:59CM ok so I will be half of a b 24 B to that will be 12 CM because this this is perpendicular from the centre of a spherical from centre so it will be said the cord ok if the whole is 24 cm with 12 a and 12 year ok so that's why they should reduce Pythagoras Theorem OK what is Pythagoras theorem square of hybrid fitness square ok it will be equal to sum of square of base that will be a m square the square of perpendicular perpendicular is oem square ok now what will do well used to reduce radiation 1313 square equals to a calibrated 12 so 12 square + we have to calculate poem first ok square so from here value of square it will come out with 13 square is 169 and -1 4412 square ok so differences 2525 route 25a live
02:00 - 02:59Su 57 am now looking the question is given that the distance between the cord ab and CD 17cm ok to distance between means plus this oven is it distance this is given 17 and we are having a with values but 5cm plus when will be equal to 17 of 17 - 58 12 so means when we have got 12 CM now using same operation we can apply Pythagoras theorem in Ocean triangle ok so let's ride In triangle Usi and ok Pythagoras Theorem mean square error 500.0 C will be equal to square off in basements oven and CM square lattice Idea oven square CM square to CM square ok put the values o c square OC means radius radius of 13 so it will be 169 equals to Oven vs k
03:00 - 03:59that is 12 cm and 12 square 144 ok plus CN value we have to calculate ok so CM square ok so from here value of CM square will come out to be 116 and minus 144 that will be 25 ok so means when will come out to be 5 cm ok so we have got the values in the figure CNS this portion of this portion and it is 4.0 and is perfect to me this will buy set and C and we have calculated 5sos CD will be let me solve it ok CD will be twice of CN ok CNS 5 CD will be 5 multiply two that is 10 cm ok so length of Chord CD will be equal to 10 cm thank you

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