Class 10






Quadratic Equations


In the following, determine...

In the following, determine whether the given quadratic equations have real roots and if so, find the roots: `2x^2+5sqrt(3)x+6=0` (ii) `sqrt(2)x^2+7x+5sqrt(2)=0`


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Swiss question Mein Hamen Kuchh equation given Hai Jiska Mein check karna hai Kyunki real roots exist karti hai ya nahin aur Agar request Karti Hain To Hamen an root ki value abhi Nikali Hai To first equation given have Hai To x square plus 5 under root 3 X + 6 = 20 25 under root 3 and ch62 discriminant economics question find current or former Prasad equals to b square - 4ac That is 5 under root 3 x square - 4 into 2 into 6 which is equals to 75 - 16 24 24 48 equals to 27 which is more than zero discriminant Jo Hamara have more than zero hai Hans real roots to have a

exist Karti Hain vah Ham find out Karenge alphabet Hamari 2 root 6 equation ki room final Karenge is formulas a minus b + under root 3 by 2 a and b is equals to minus b minus under root 3 by 2 way switch ki value A Jayegi mere pass - 5 root 3 + under root 27 by 2 into 2 is equals to minus 5 under root 3 + under minus under root a Gaya minus under root 27 phone mein 2 into 2 solve karne bhi hamare pass ho jaega A27 ka under root Lenge to hamare pass a Jaega 3 root 3 + 3 root 3 minus root 3 ho jaega minus 2 root 3 upon 4 letters

minus root 3 by 2 people Erode hamare pass Aage S route Aaegi marble Aaegi -503 minus 3 root 3 minus root 3 upon Mein request to minus 2 root 3 root 2 have nice equation to find out kar li hai by using the discriminant second equation jo mcgivern hai vo Hai under root 2 X square + 7 x + 5 root 2 latest second equation is under root 2 X square + 7 x + 5 root 2 is equals to zero 3 check Karle mistake navoday theek hai yahi question Hamen given hai so ismein ek hi value Hai Hamen given root 2 Vicky value Hai 7C

key value given F5 and the route to should discriminant Agar Ham is equation to find out Karenge to vah Jagah De Quest to be square - 4ac That is seven square - 4 into root 2 into 5 root 2 Vijay request 249 minus root 2 into 2 into 2 into 5 10 into 40 which is equals to 9 that is more than zero so its equation ki real roots exist Karti Hai Hans Ham nikal Lenge bhai alpha beta formula wishes alphabet Hamari routes into two Alpha ka formula minus b + under root 2 by 2 and beta ka formula hai beta equals to minus b minus under root 3 by 2 way so Alpha value from Rakhenge to Yad aaega - 7 plus under root 3 and root 9.2 a any two

route to Yahan per a Jaega - 7 - under root 9 upon main to route to see solve karne Wapas aaega - 7 plus 3 latest -4.2 root 2 minus 4 upon 2 root 2 it is equals to minus 2 upon root 2 latest minus root 2 second equation solving -10.2 root 2 latest 5 upon minus 5 upon root to see those Hai hamare pass roots a gai hai second equation ki by using discriminant question and hair that set