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Class 6






Basic Geometrical Ideas


In the figure given below. Fin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : M <br> A,B,C N and O


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hello this question is given that in the figure given below find OK three options are there in three parts are here was but we need to identify the point that line India of the given figure ok so triangular figure is given and there's some points are here ok ABC is a triangle so was what we need to find in first word Mitthu Pande what's that are interior of the triangle so a part letter interior point what is the meaning of interior ok NDA means in side ok se basically we need to find the points that lie inside the triangle this point is lying inside the triangle ok and none of that what is lying inside because here you can see this endpoint it is on the line so will write your only M bi part is asking that the points that lie on the boundary of triangle boundary means that lie on the land of triangle select side part B points on bonding of triangle

are ok so let's identify all the words that lie on the boundary ok so this point it is only boundary this is also the monetary be and is also on the boundary and she is also the foundry flats at all this point se a then we are having then you are having B and and last we are having see these are the ones that are on a body and last part it is asking that the points that the exterior so sts word opposite of interior interior and exterior means outside let today exit so what I said it outside so what that are outside the triangle Sophie point is outside the triangle and this Q point is also outside the triangle so let's write a p and q ok so here you can see we are considered each and every point here ok so our solution is then thank you


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