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In the binomial expansion of (a-b)^(n) , n ge 5, the sum of 5th and 6th terms is zero, then (a)/(b) equals



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Updated On: 19-4-2021

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(a) `(n-5)/(6)`(b) `(n-4)/(5)`(c) `(5)/(n-4)`(d) `(6)/(n-5)`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59when is 25 and 60 then option in minus 5 by 6 option B and minus 4 by 5 option C5 and -4 option D 16 - 52 here in the questions are saying that in the Binomial expansion of a minus b power and the sum of m and n is greater than equal to 5 then we need to find a baby's value the term given to us with power and the general form of this is a + b general for comparison b is minus b and n
01:00 - 01:59the question that this we need to find the fifth and sixth term before that will see the formula for general class B power given by a + 1 equal to m c h a power n minus 2 find the 5th term that will put 24 so when we put our equal to four we get it is equal to 4 power n minus into minus the power 4 this is the first expression now we need for that will put equal to
02:00 - 02:59so will get 30 6 is equal to 5 and minus 5 into minus b power 5 that E5 plus 30 x is equal to zero substituting the values near me fees and C4 into minus b power 4 + 36 yrs and C5 a power n minus 5 minus 5 is equal to zero and C4 a power n minus 4 minus b power power power then this becomes plus so this will become the power 4 minus b power 5 when the power is odd then this becomes negative value
03:00 - 03:59555 equal to zero and C4 a power n minus 4 the power 4 is equal to 5 and minus 5 by 4 into B power 4 is equal to hear and see 5 and minus A into B 45 identify and is equal to a for a used this sunao
04:00 - 04:591234 is equal to into but we need the value of a b b sorry arranging a bi bi will be equal to 5 by 4 find the value and PR is equal to any factorial by 125 problems and Ariel B minus 5 into 5 factorial MP4 that is and factorial by -4 factorial in 24 factorial equal to
05:00 - 05:59into 5 factorial in to convert the division into in 2010 - 4 tutorial in 24 and it and -4 hours and minus into and minus into four factorial by and -5 and 24 will be equal to and minus 4 by the correct answer is option be thus we can conclude therefore
06:00 - 06:59option B and minus 4 by 5 thank you

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