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In the adjoining figure. If tw...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : We have, `rArr` <br> `oversetfrown(AB)congoversetfrown(CD)` (if two chords of a circle are equal then their corresponding arcs are congruent) <br> Subtracting `oversetfrown(CB)` from both sides,we get <br> `oversetfrown(AB)-oversetfrown(CB)congoversetfrown(CD)-oversetfrown(CB)` <br> `rArr oversetfrown(AC)congoversetfrown(DB)` <br> `rArr AC=DB` (if two arcs are congruent then their corresponding chords are equal).

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hello friends here the question is in the adjoining figure if two equal chords ab and CD of a circle intersect each other at then prove that cos AC and BC are equal prove that it is ka DD and ac are equal to prove this and it is given that this are ab is equals to CD is equal to know that if if two cores are equal then the arc corresponding are is also congruent given that AB is equals to CD discord ab is equal to CD then then say that this are ABC congruent to ask Siri is congruent to because if the two chords are equal equal

then then then the arcs are congruent then the corresponding Arc congruent so here is our kids Convent to RCD then we say when did then we subtract this busy from both side we get your are AC is equals to 1 BD so here we subtract 1 DC from both side in this equation subtracting ok DC from both side so here we get Mahiya we get our AV - are DC Lagna it is congruent to RCD - h BC yadi get RKD minus b c a r car AC and here are CD - we get here are a

minus b c d get here this Arc d b r c is congruent to ask BB sunao yah PC that you are equal then we say that diagonals are also equal because if the earth are congruent then the course or equal to say that AC is equals to DB because is the cores are congruent chords are congruent then the cortical arc is are congruent are Sar congruent then cos I equal cause I could see that this are AC is equals to called a sequel to thank you

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