In the adjoining figure , AOOC=BOOD=12 and AB = 4cm find the value of CD.


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the question is in the adjoining figure a b and ac is equal to be no 1 ODI which is equal to 1 upon 2 and ab is equal to 4 cm find the value of CD sunao in triangle abc and triangle so angle abc is equal to angle so because these both angles are vertically opposite angles and upon cos A is equal to be opened because this is given Hindi question so triangle ABC is similar to triangle COD by SAS criteria for similarity therefore a one upon cos A is equal to b o o d is equal to ab upon DC so
know that your phone is equal to be open OD is equal to 1 upon 2 and ab is equal to 4 so by putting values we get 1 upon 2 is equal to 4 upon DC from this we get DC is equal to 48 which is our answer

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