Find the equation of the plane passing through (1,2,3) and perpendicular to the straight line `(x)/(-2) =(y)/(4) =(z)/(3)` .

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
2x-4y-3z+15 =0


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elective question find the equation of a plane passing through 123 and perpendicular to the straight line x by minus 2 equal to 5 by 4 equal to head by ok let's under understand this question suppose that we are having display now we are having a point on this one two three point call detail xy&z we are having another line here we can also draw the line here also on the perpendicular to the direction of direction ratios of the China -2.3 - 24 and now the direction of

this line are given that the direction of this section we calculate the vector from this to this from point A to B aur I can I calculate better ab then the coefficient of J K K cap if I multiply if I take the product of them then it will be zero because the angle between them 90 degree cos 30 product of them will be zero I can calculate x minus x minus 1 into minus 2 why minus 2 into 4 plus Zen -33 will give me zero product will be zero because this ok ok

x minus 1 into minus y minus 2 into 4 and Z minus 3 into 3 calculate this will be come out West - 2 X + 2 + 4 Y - 8 + 3Z - 9 equal to zero if I take 28 from right hand side I am getting minus 4 Y - 3 Z equal to 12 b 8 - 6 - 6 - 90 - - - - 15 to decide this is the equation of the plane this is the equation of required

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