In rectangle along x-axis and AB=8 units. Find the co-ordinates of vertices A,B and C.



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Updated On: 16-5-2021

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Answer :
A=(10,0),B=(10,8) and C=(0,8)



00:00 - 00:59welcome to doubtnut question that was given to us was in rectangle ko ABC point O is the origin is equal to 10 units along RK along x axis in AP rate units find the coordinates of vertices a b c MBA to find the coordinates of the abc so it was given that the hero is equals to 10 units is equal to 10 unit means on along x-axis that means on the sexes so a somewhere here so we get the point A somewhere and this is the point that is origin CEO is the 10 units and it was given that AB is equals to 8 units this is the length of the ab so that it will form the correct it will be that is a serious lete ke 8 so from here we can draw line to the 8 units above that is this if we draw this line that is 8 units above
01:00 - 01:59straight line that is 8 units from a now now we draw this line we get this was equals to the is now if it draw a line from here we get this is a rectangle we get this is a rectangle in this is the length be so where is 10 units and this ab is 8 units so this and this will be a b and finally rectangle is this point is see so now we have to tell the coordinates so first of all the coordinates of the coordinates of more that is origin is zero zero similarly the coordinates of a that is this 10 units in x axis of the value of x is 10 and the y0 similarly that is be that is this point so this point is 1000 this is your commerce zero and similarly 20
02:00 - 02:59if the value of x is here is 10 value of excess hair is 10 the value of Y is it should be coordinated 10 8 and simultaneous equity intraday why is this was equals to the here X is zero but the value of Y Seth Sudheesh co-ordinate status 2018 Sudhir Gari final answer and values of the coordinates of rectangle that is oabc thank you

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