In parallelogram ABCD, E is mid-point of CD and through D, a line is drawr parallel to EB to meet CB produced at point G and to cut AB at point F. Prove that: <br> ` 2 xx AD = GC `

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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pahle Deewana the question is in ABC D is the midpoint of CT and fruity a line is drawn parallel to ab to meet C be produced at point to cut a bi at point P prove that 28 is equals to Jise so pasta for what were given a given that ABCD ready will be pushed to BC and CD AB de Villiers to DC because ABCD is a parallelogram are equal to BC and every case study solution now and

the two lines of the triangle are having to determine if there is a triangle into the midpoint of the two lines then that I will be parallel to the third line and will be if A and B are the midpoints of this DC and ac line then will be parallel to each and every so what is the midpoint theorem let's crack it by mid point theorem the line passing through to midpoint of

two lines of a triangle of a triangle then that line will be perpendicular to parallel to the third line and will be half of its which means we can see in triangle DP that means and e is the midpoint of BC which means be has to be because according to that we can say in this line is parallel then it will be the midpoint so here will use the concept of reverse so there are four rivers

which means the terms and conditions will be reversed that means if the line is parallel the points to the midpoints ok ab is parallel to even so is the midpoint given so we can say that b is the midpoint of this so I can say is the midpoint of CD that means therefore b is the midpoint of gcb gcb how far

DP will be to in 2GB RBC is equal to as this is the midpoint can say that this part will be half of this part that made this part is twice of this path and one more thing we know that BC is equal to 8 so that implies that is equal to ok so this is too difficult to thank you

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