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In OPQ right angled at P, OP=7cm , OQPQ=1cm . Determine the values of sinQ and cosQ .



everyone in this question we have a triangle pqr right angled at B and B are given op is equal to 7 cm and a cube minus b cube is equal to 1 cm and we have to find the values of Sin of you and cost you ok so we have a triangle letters the triangle that the triangle with this which is right angled at P ok and this is O and assist you so the value of op is given that is this side 7 cm and an equation is given that is o q - PQ is equal to 1 cm so we can also write this h o q is equal to PQ + 1 ok sunao as this is a right angle triangle we can use Pythagoras theorem in this so
category on state that x square is equal to X square + b square near H S square equal to p o p square and B grade B P Q square ok we can write ok you as PQ + 1 so the equation would be PQ + 1 whole square is equal to square + b square on simplified model is we have PQ + 1 whole square as p q square + 1 + 2 PQ is equal to open can be written as 7 plus b cube square pqrs is my get cancel out from other sites so we have to PQ + 1 is equal to 49 which uses to PQ is equal to 48 Hour the side PQ as 24 cm so the value of side PQ is 24 cm and then
spq plus one so ok you would be 24 plus one that is the value of side ok you would be 25 CM so so we also have the value of ok you as 25 CM so we have the value of AP is 7 cm PQ 24 cm and as 25 CM ok so now we have to find the value of sin Q that is so H P would be op / HS ok similarly we also have to find the value of cost you that will bache so what basis would be PQ /
ok so for sin Q we have as 7s 25 this is the value of thank you and cost you would be be that is PQ is 24 and ok you is 25 ok so here we have the values of sin q and and costume


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