In how many ways the letters of the word COMBINATORICS can be arranged if all vowel and all consonants are alphabetically ordered.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Combinatorics <br> Vowels in alphabetical order `to` A I IO O <br> Consonants in alphabetical order `to` B C C M N R S T <br> 8 places for consonant's can be selected in `.^(13)C_(8)` ways in which consonants can be arranged in one way as order of letters is fixed. Remaining 5 places can be filled by 5 vowels in one way can be filled by consonants in 1 way. Therefore, <br> Required numbers of arrangements `= .^(13)C_(5)`


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hello everyone so the question given his in how many ways the letters of the word combinatorics can we arrange if all vowels and consonants in alphabetical order so let's find out the total numbers of way in which we can arrange the word Forex now first of all the world is so m e i n a p o r i c s so late count the total number of that is 123456789 10 11 12 13 total 13 letters and let's find out consonants consonants in this letter then we would have to arrange them

or delivery alphabetical order according to that it will be then she then it will come M then it will come and then are then is then now let's talk about vowels for womens it will be same now for over said will be we have to arrange them also alphabetically for that's first of all you will come a then I students then O is also two times now let's see how can we arrange them first of all four consonant for arranging consonants we will pick any places because consonants are 8 and vowels are five we will take any places from 30 and 24 hours for was remaining five we will pick 54 mobiles and on solving this

we will get 1368 into one and that is our answer for this question that is 1368 into one thank you so much everyone

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