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Class 11






Permutations And Combinations


In how many ways can the lette...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : ` ""^(5) P_ 5xx ""^(3)P_3 5! Xx 3! =720 `

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hello students today occasion is in how many ways can the letter of the word combine Kabir arranged so that vowels are never separated for we have the word combine a m e i n so we have total 7 letter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 letters a year and we have to find the number of ways in which ones are never separated so there are a total 7 letters therefore number of possible permutations is equal to 7 factorial so we can write year total number of possible permutation per Mein stations is equal to 7 factorial and there are three were we have three were here so we

Android oi koormai and 4 consonant so we can write here for consonant better c b and so we have consider all the vowels Subah aap to consider all the vowels a single set letter and there then we are left with 5 letters in total we will permit permit 5 letters and later replaced the single viable y3 actual mobile written adjacent to one another so the number of ways to arrange these five letter is so we can write a number of ways to arrange these five letter is

is 5 factorial also 3 evil that that will come together can be arranged in and we can write a mobil3 actual was written here is also three Evil that come together that will come to Gadar 2 for this we get 3 factorial hair bacteria based total number of permutation so we have to find the total number of number of permutation

of given letter of given letter combine such that such that all mobile with come together all bubble will come together to this is a quest to find factorial in 23 factorial so this is equals to 722 this is our answer thank you

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