Class 9






Congruent Triangle


In figure, if P Q_|_P S ,P Q||...

In figure, if `P Q_|_P S ,P Q|| S R ,/_S Q R=28^0` and `/_Q R T=65^0,` then find the values of `x` and `ydot` Figure


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who is perpendicular to P is equal to angle is QRS 20 degree angle Q what is 65 Pala to PS angle P will be 90 degree and because it is perpendicular to S R and T is 90 degree angle degree because their ko interior angle of The parallel find the value of x and y in angle in triangle is Q and q are equal to angle r q + angle qsr because

equal to sum of interior opposite angle angle property of the triangle that exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of interior opposite angle 45 degree will be equal to Arc us that is 28 degree + angle Q is equal to 55 degree minus 28 degree that is 37 degree now angle is whole is 90 degree Y + angle Q is a equal to 90 degree

now + 37 degree is equal to 90 degree why will be 90 degree minus 30 degree degree why will be 53 degree to the value of buy now for a triangle is P Q angle equal to 180 degree deposit angle sum property of triangle triangle pqr is 90 degree + Angle B and angle Q 3 degree is equal to 180 degree angle equal to 180 degree minus one

3 degree equal to 37 degree value