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In Figure, if lines l\ a n d\ ...

In Figure, if lines l\ a n d\ m are parallel lines, then x= <br> (a)70^0 <br> (b) 100^0 <br> (c) 40^0 <br> (d) 30^0



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Updated On: 2-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is that in figure if lines l and M are Parallel Lines then x is equal to we need to find out so this is a diagram where l is parallel to M M the measure of angles are given from the diagram we can say angle 70 degree is equal to angle which has been marked in the figure and this is because these are corresponding angles between parallel l and M so this implies angle 1 is equal to 70 degree now angle 1 + angle 2 is equal to 180 degree because they are linear pair of angles so this implies 70 degree + angle 2 is equal to 180 degree and from here we get angle to is equal to 180
01:00 - 01:59degree - 70 degree which is equal to 110 degree now in that triangle sum of angles is equal to 180 degree which implies angle 2 + X + 30 degree is equal to 180 degree now angle to is 110 degree + X + 30 degree will be equal to 180 degree from here we get x is equal to 40 degree therefore our final answer will be therefore x is equal to option C 40 degree I hope you to destination thank you

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