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In Figure, given that A B||C D...

In Figure, given that A B||C D If the complement of /_5 equals the supplement of /_4, find the measures of /_4\ a n d\ /_5.



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Updated On: 26-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello student is complement of angle was to supplement of then find the measure of angle for and why Ok first of all I will say the complement angle ok complement angle of angle five will be nothing but 90 minus angle try ok medicine information number what similarly here we have given supplement angle of 4K so supplement angle offer will be nothing but
01:00 - 01:5918 - angle 45 degree angle for solar DC question number to have given the complementary angle of and supplementary angle of four equal to crack and equity question number 1 and 2 sec waiting question number 1 and 2 what I will get 90 degree minus 5 is equal to 1 + angle for take angle for London to become angle for minus angle price in 180 - 90 degrees equal to 90 degree ladiss bhi question number third look at the fever so this angle 4 + angle 5 but 180 degree angle will be nothing is equal to 180 let this is a question number
02:00 - 02:594 now what I will do I will add equation number 3 and 4 so what I will get here that is angle 4 minus angle 5 + angle 45 + angle 4 will be nothing more to hear and girl 5 angle rifle Brigade cancel and here I will get to angle 4 will be nothing is equal to 270 from here and girl phone will become is equal to 270 / to which will be nothing is equals to 135 degree now I will this value of angle for in question number angle is equal in equation what I will get
03:00 - 03:5935571 3545 so here we got them both and that is angle for is nothing is equal to 135 degree and Angle 5 will be ok so here is the solution for the particular question I hope you like this solution thank you

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