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In Figure, A P\ _|_l\ a n d\ P...

In Figure, `A P\ _|_l\ a n d\ P R > P Q` . Show that `A R > A Q`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is that in figure ap is perpendicular to line l and PR is greater than PQ show that air is greater than 100 this is a diagram now will do some construction take a point s on PR such that p s is equal to PQ and join us now in triangle pqr and triangle APS we have angle A PQ is equal to angle APS and that is equal to 90 degree ap is equal to AP because that is the common side and PQ is equal to

yes that is our construction and assumption therefore by SAS congruence we can write that triangle A PQ is congruent to triangle A P S this implies by cpct angle A is equal to angle A is also exterior angle A is greater than angle a Rs because exterior angle is greater than opposite interior angles this implies angle A QP is greater than angle A as

because angle A cube has been proved to be equal to angle ASP and this implies a r is greater than 1 you because side opposite to Greater angle in a triangle is Greater so we have proved I hope you want to destination thank you

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