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In Figure, A is the centre of ...

In Figure, `A` is the centre of the circle. `A B C D` is a parallelogram and `C D E` is a straight line. Find `/_B C D\ :\ /_A B Edot`


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this question is and figure is a centre of the circle and ABCD is a parallelogram and CDs and straight line then find the ratio of angle BCD and angle abc Vinod that the angle at the centre is double to the angle subtended at the circumference by the same god should we can right angle b a d is to of Angle B alternative angles are equal show the angle b is equal to angle abc is so weak and right angle b is equal to angle abc so we can put the value of BD in this equations of big and Angle B is equals to 2 of angle abc is this is our first equation and it is given in the question that ABCD is an parallelogram and we know that the opposite angles of the parallelogram is equal

that means this angle is equal to the single so we can right angle b is equal to angle BCD so this is our second equation and we can compare both the equation so we get to angle of a b is equal to angle BCD and we have b c d upon angle abc is it is equal to 2 is to 1 so this is our ratio thank you