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In Figure, A B C is an isoscel...

In Figure, `A B C` is an isosceles triangle with `A B=A C ,\ B D\ a n d\ C E` are two medians of the triangle. Prove that `B D=C E`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello Chura net start with equation here we have given is a an isosceles triangle with ab is equal to AC PDF NCERT the two medians letter start with solution first ball what we have to prove your we have to prove BD is nothing but is equal to see this length is equal to this ok letter start with solution festival here we have given ABC is a triangle and similarly we have given ab is nothing but is equal to AC OK I will do I will multiply Caesarean 85122 here I will multiply multiply by one by two what I will get here I will get one by two of Ab is equals to 1 by 2 of AC

no in the place of one battery I can write B and this one half of AC will be nothing but DC let this is how as we have given this B D and e are the median it mean with a point is the midpoint of this may be similarly the point is midpoint of AC health there will be nothing but half of this length ab similarly the PC is nothing but half of this year I have written that is half of Ab means be ok and half of AC is nothing better DP Now letter this equation number 1 what I can do here I will just play let in triangle B and p

ok yaar I let in triangle abc and triangle triangle and first of all I can write here will be ok Angle we will be is equals to angle and because of astralis triangle at ok this is because of the triangle because as we know that if the two sides of the triangle are equal hence the and this is triangle will be nothing by accessing any of this is

triangle then this Angle B will be is equal to angle ok now the next point which I will say b is equals to Aishwarya equation number 1 b is equals to 3 Odyssey I can say now if you look at the biggest to Busy is nothing but common in both so here I can say that BC is nothing b is equal to BC and this is because of common ok and this is because a from equation number know as per the above conclusion here help I can say that the triangle ABC is congruent to triangle and if this is congruent to each other then their corresponding part will be equal and his here I can say that

DVD will be come is equals to ok and this is because a corresponding part of congruent triangle this is what we have to prove and hence proved ok so here is the solution for this particular occasion I hope you like this solution thank you

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