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In Figure, /_\ A B C and /_\ D...

In Figure, `/_\ A B C` and `/_\ D B C` are on the same base `B C` . If `A D` and `B C` intersect at `O` , prove that `(A r e a\ ( A B C))/(A r e a\ ( D B C))=(A O)/(D O)`.


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the question is that in figure triangle ABC and triangle DBC are on the same base BC if AD and BC intersect at O prove that area of triangle abc by area of triangle ABC is equal to a bi this is a diagram area of triangle is equal to half into days into height so if two Triangles are on same base then their areas will be in ratio of heights is therefore an area of

abc by area of BBC will be equal to half into base into a p is the height of the triangle divided by half into base into DM is the height of s now half and basic common so it will be cancelled we get AP by DM it is called as equation number 1 now in triangle abc and triangle DM angle A is equal to angle DM as each is 90 degree angle A is equal to angle b o m

they are vertically opposite angles their phone by aaa similarity we can right triangle ABC is similar to triangle DM which implies AP by DX is equal to buy now from equation number Van Vinay Gate area of abc by area of the BC is equal to a p b which is equal to a Deo so we have proved our identity I hope you understood destination thank you