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Lines And Angles


In Fig.113, if\ A C || D F\ a ...

In Fig.113, if`\ A C || D F\ a n d\ A B || C E ,` then (a) `x=145 ,\ y=223` (b) `x=223 ,\ y=145` (c) `x=135 ,\ y=223` (d) `x=233 ,\ y=135`


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the given question she is in figure 107 if ab and CD are straight lines then option A X = 2 2900 option B = 200 y = 2 29 option c x = 2 29 Y = 210 and option DX equal to 39 Y = 200 so we have to tell the value of x and y in this figure and we are given that A B and C are straight lines so if you see this line the angle A we will be 180 degree because it is a straight line so it is forming a straight angle so we can say that angle A + angle 78 lies on you will be equal to 180 degree because it is a straight line

so angle from here we can find the value of Y the value of Y will be 180 - 70 that gives us the value of wire to be 110 degrees so if you look at the given options there option has y = 21 Britain and only option she has it other options doesn't value of 110 so we can say that the correct option is options that is equals 29 and Y = 21 written but if you want to solve the value for we can do that by taking the angle because it is a straight line and angles on the straight line COD 7028 and 3 x minus 5 so we can say that some of these and

we could do it because here is a straight line so we can write 28 + 3 x minus 5 + 70 = to 180 degrees and the reason behind it is COD is a straight line so angles is 180 degree that is straight angle so if we solve this equation can find the value of x so that will be 3 x minus 5 + 70 + 28 equal to 180 that is 3 X + 65 + 28 equal to 180 since 70 has + Science sign of Bigad is it will be there so 3 X + 60

+ 28 that becomes 93 equals to 180 and now the value of reaction b-93 be subtracted from 180 so gives us 3x = 287 now 87/3 that will be 29 which we already confirmed by the value of Y that is option that is option C = 2019 = 210 so this answer X and Y equal to 110 degrees this is the answer thank you