In Fig. , if QTPR=QRQS and 1=2 . Prove that PQS~TQR . (FIGURE)


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in figure is cutie upon PR is equal to Q are upon us and everyone is equal to angle to as shown in figure prove that triangle pqr is equal to triangle pqr according to the questions we have a condition cutie upon PR is equal to Q are upon us we can arrange this equation so it will be king kaun QR is equal to p r on US plated with the first question and also we have angle 1 is equal to angle to this is the given condition right if angles are equal then the sides of the angle B equal to the side of PR equals to side of PQ because of equal angle
now question cutie upon QR is equal to PQ upon us now again we can rearrange this equation that is PQ upon q t is equals to u s s u r letter h Darshan Triangle in triangle pqr and triangle pqr we get p q upon cutie is equals to us upon you are is equal to bad me angle of pqs is
equal to angle of pqr equal to angle of you that means now we can say that the two sides are equal and two angles are equal in two Triangles so bye SPS site criteria of triangle criteria similarity we obtain triangle of us will be equal to triangle of PQ screw thank you

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