Class 7






Congruence Of Triangles


In Fig 7.26, can you use ASA c...

In Fig 7.26, can you use `ASA` congruence rule and conclude that `Delta AOC cong DeltaBOD` ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : In the two triangles `AOC` and `BOD`, `/_C = ∠D` (each `70^@` )<br> Also, `/_AOC = /_BOD = 30^@` (vertically opposite angles)<br> So, `/_A` of `/_\AOC = 180^@ – (70^@ + 30^@) = 80^@` (using angle sum property of a triangle)<br> Similarly, `/_B of /_\BOD = 180^@ – (70^@ + 30^@) = 80^@`<br> Thus, we have `/_A = /_B, AC = BD` and `/_C = /_D`<br> Now, side `AC` is between `/_A` and `/_C` and side `BD` is between `/_B` and `/_D`.<br> So, by `ASA` congruence rule, `/_\AOC cong /_\BOD`.


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