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Congruence Of Triangles


In Fig 7.23, AB=AC and AD is t...

In Fig 7.23, `AB=AC and AD` is the bisector of ? `BAC.` (i) State three pairs of equal parts in triangles `ADB and ADC.` (ii) Is `DeltaADB [-=~?] DeltaADC` ? Given reasons. (iii) Is `angleB=angleC` ? Given reasons


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `1)AB=AC`(given)<br> `angleBAD=angleCAD`(angle bisector)<br> `AD=AD`(Common)<br> `2) /_ABD cong /_ADC(SAS)`<br> `3) angleB=angleC`<br> (because `/_ABD cong /_ADC(SAS)`).


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Sohail in figure ab is equals to AC and AD is the bisector of angle BAC so that is it is given to us that AB is equals to AC that means this side is equals to decide ok and also it is given to us that ad is the bisector of angle BAC that means this angle angle b is equal to angle C A D ok so let us all the first part so here we have to write three pairs of equal parts in triangle abc and ADC show in triangle in triangle ADB and triangle ABC we can see that AB = AC that is given to us

ok and also it is given that ad is the bisector of angle BAC that means a b a d i will be equal to angle CID ok so as lead bisects BC and AD is equals to add as it is common side between two Triangles ok now in second part we have to we have to state whether triangle ETV is congruent to triangle ABC and def yes or no we have to give reasons for this ok so yes it is yes triangle A DB is congruent to triangle etc

SAS congruence rule that is the two corresponding sides are equal and the corresponding angle is also equal ok now in third part it is asking that is Angle B is equals to angle C yes it is equal Angle B is equals to as these are the corresponding corresponding parts of congruent Triangles ok the corresponding parts of congruent triangle are equal so let me right this corresponding parts of congruent equal Swadesh complete service solution

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