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Congruence Of Triangles


In fig 7.13, AD=CD and AB=CB. ...

In fig 7.13, `AD=CD and AB=CB.` (i) state the three pairs of equal in `Delta ABD and DeltaCBD.` (iii) Is `DeltaABD [-=~?] DeltaCBD` ? Why or why not ? (iii) Does `BD` bisect ? `ABC` ? Given reasons


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `(i)` In `/_\ABD` and `/_\CBD`, the three pairs of equal parts are as given below:<br> `AB = CB` (Given)<br> `AD = CD` (Given) and `BD = BD` (Common in both)<br> `(ii)` From `(i)` above, `/_\ABD cong /_\CBD` (By `SSS` congruence rule)<br> `(iii) /_ABD = /_CBD` (Corresponding parts of congruent triangles) So, `BD` bisects `/_ABC`.


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