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In Fig. 4.57, A E is the ...

In Fig. 4.57, `A E` is the bisector of the exterior `/_C A D` meeting `B C` produced in `E` . If `A B=10 c m` , `A C=6c m` and `B C=12 c m` , find `C E` . (FIGURE)


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hello friendship question is in the given figure De is the bisector of the exterior of angle C A D meeting BC produced in if ab is 10 cm AC is 6 and BC is 12 CM then we have to find the sea it is given that AB is CM AC is 6 cm and BC is wealth and let's see is x and now let it is equal to 8 cm their b is equal to X + 12 2nd sem is the exterior bisector of is

exterior bisector of Angle A Angle c a d is the bisector then we have to be upon is equal to be upon C is equal to b upon upon cos the external bisector of an angle of a triangle divide the opposite side externally in the ratio okta site containing the

anger now b is 12 + 12 + X and Z is equal to ab is 10 cm and ac is 6 cm from here we cat 6 x 12 + x is equal to 10 x and that implies 72 + 6 x minus 10 x is equal to zero from here - 4 x is equal to minus 72 and value of x is equal to 18 means she is 18 cm and we have to find the say that is

is equal to 18 and T M that's ok thank you

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