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In Fig. 4.42, A D is the ...

In Fig. 4.42, `A D` is the bisector of `/_B A C` . If `A B=10 c m` . `A C=14 c m` and `B C=6c m` , find `B D` and `D C` . (FIGURE)


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today's the question is in figure ad is the bisector of angle BAC if ab is 10 cm is the is 14 cm BC is 6 cm find median DC that angle BAC is the bisector of angle BAC and say that AC is equal to BC bdc14 is equal to BC is X6 - 6 then 1 is equals to

6 - 6 then cross multiplication 30 - 5 = 27 x x is equals to 30 value of x will come to fight to that is 2.5 CM X 4.5 cm and BC is -6 that is -2.5 = 2.5