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Trigonometric Functions


In each of the following, conv...

In each of the following, convert the degrees to radians or the radians to degrees. <br> (if no unit of measurement is indicated, radians are assumed.) <br> Q. `(17pi)/(3)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `(17pi)/(3)*(180^(@))/(pi)=1020^(@)`


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hello friends question convert radians to degrees in radians 17 bye-bye certificate to contact first talk about a circle constituents of 360 degrees as angle to radians to degrees equal so we could stay at 60 degree is equals to 2.5 radium se 360 of 10 1 degree is equal to pi by 180

Radian 8.25 180 Radiance what do we get 180 bye-bye is equal to what it is simply X inverse of this so I could save 180 degrees is equals to now this question we have been asked how much in degrees is 17 by 3 Idiots and we have computed using the concept of a circle at 1 Radian is equal to 180 degree by 541 85 degrees at this much radius is going to be multiplied by 3 by 3 because it pointed in something

and number of radius is nothing but and types that thing we obtain 17 5 by 3 x 20 degree by 5 this Pi cancels out and this cancel out on water even series 16 se 17 x 60 degree is equal to nothing but 10203 now we say that 17553 is same as 1020 degrees dance