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Trigonometric Functions


In each of the following, conv...

In each of the following, convert the degrees to radians or the radians to degrees. <br> (if no unit of measurement is indicated, radians are assumed.) <br> Q. `30^(@)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : To change degrees to radians multiply by `(pi)/(180^(@))`, so `30^(@)=30^(@)((pi)/(180^(@)))=(pi)/(6)`.


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hello friends welcome to medical question to the following convert degrees to radians and their behalf how to convert 40 Degrees to radians question in a circle the total angle in degrees is 360 degrees or to find radius Sabhi have written between radius and degrees to write 360 degrees is equals to Radian if we divide both sides by to what do we obtain 180 degrees is equals to pi radians ok

if we divide both sides now by funny what do we get 1 degree is equal to pi by 180 Radian to use 1 degree is equal to this question has been asked that how many radians is 30 degrees equal to what degree is my 18030 is absolutely going to be 40 X the value of 1 which is 5182 3 Idiots this question degrees equal to 5 vs redmi k20 Pro