In ΔPQR,right angled at Q, PR+QR=25cm and PQ=5cm. Determine the values of sinP,cosP and tanP.


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so in this question we have in triangle pqr right angled at q and PQ + 2 Y equal to 25 cm and here it is 75 cm so we have to determine value of sin p p and NP so let this be are right angle triangle and here it is the time right angled at q so this is too and let the sleepy and are so we're given that PQ is 5 cm 16 December 5 and let you are is the length of side so we have given PQ + Q are equal to 25 so from here we can write that so yeah this is actually Pyar so yeah this is actually the address you are so from here we can write PR equal to 25 - you are you are we have taken QRS AC Sofia I will become 25 - 6 Sofia to find the
length of PR so by Pythagoras Theorem we know that hypotenuse that is PR and PRS 25 - 625 medicine is equal to is equal to a square + b square minus x square + Y square is my favourite is 25 by solving this will come 25 power 2 + x square minus 2 into 25 into X equal to X square + 25 so from here we get this will cancel and 225 226 25 and so bring this 25 left hand side will come 25 and by bringing this time I will get to in 22554 12526 25 - 25 600 and this will come 52 X X equal to 12
sorry sister from this we have got to access 12 and PR will become 25 - 12 that is 513 so from this we have find all the dimensions Thodi Si pqr this is given five and we're fine except that you are and PR is 30 now we have to find the value of sin Ti so Sin B is perpendicular upon hai to tennis that is 12.30 and cost is based upon I put energetic 5.30 and 10 piece perpendicular upon these that is 12.5 so these are the values of our question so thank you

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