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Introduction To Trigonometry


In DeltaO P Q, right-angled ...

In `DeltaO P Q`, right-angled at P, `O P\ =\ 7\ c m` and`O Q\ -\ P Q\ =\ 1\ c m`Determine the values of `sin\ Q\ a n d\ cos\ Qdot`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : In `triangle OPQ` we get, <BR> `(OQ)^2= (OP)^2+(PQ)^2` <br> `=> (PQ+1)^2=(OP)^2+(PQ)^2` [ Since `(OQ)-(PQ)= 1 => OQ=1+PQ`] <br> `=> (PQ)^2+2(PQ)+1=(OP)^2+(PQ)^2` <br> `=> 2PQ+1 =49` <br> `=> PQ=24cm` <br> then, `OQ-PQ= 1 cm` <br> `=> OQ = (PQ+1) cm = 25 cm` <br> Now, `sinQ = (OP)/(OQ) = 7/25` <br> `cosQ = (PQ)/(OQ) = 24/25` <br>


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Surya question in triangle pqr right angled at P and equal to 7 cm and a cube minus b cube is 1 cm so determine the values of sin and Cos you so we have given up Kyon right angled at P and R dimensions are given and urban relational given so we have to find the value of sin and Cos you so let this be at right angle triangle and their right angled at P so let this be and this week and we have given that op op 7 cm that is so this is 7 cm and near the relation is given that who Q - PQ equal to 17 so we can also write that o q is equal to 1 + P to so here you can write this why my son is oneplus feaking so let PQ that is distance

of side PQ is so here you can write X so from this we have let this vacation 12 from the situation we have a few that is oneplus PQ so it is equal to 100 by Pythagoras Theorem you know that pertains to the power 2 equal to face ^ 2 + 2 equal to so that its hypotenuse is oneplus X ^ 2 is equal to base base that is 70 square feet is 49 plus it that is so that's what this figure 1 + cos to the power 2 + 2 X equal to 49 + x square so Sandesh Sandesh acceptable cancel and 2x will become 49 - 1 that is 48 to from this as will be equal to 48 by to that is

so we have got that this week and you so X equal to 24 so this is 24 and this is 7 so we have to find the length of this site so similarly by Pythagoras Theorem you got to hu Q square equal to 24 square + 7 square that is equal to 24 to the power 2 is to 76 and 78 249 so so this is actually 76234 to the power to so it will become 625 that is 625 so so OK will come under root of 625 that is 25 now we have to find sin q and cost you so we know that sin Q is perpendicular on hypotenuse is 25 source and you will become 7 perpendicular on hypotenuse is 25 and

costume is based upon hypertonicity 24 25 so this we have to find sin q and a cos you so these are answers thank you