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Mukesh game question year we have a say in triangle abc ok is my triangle ABC tan A + tan b + x cube equals what tan a tan B and security of to find out to prove basically an idea that this was my solution but a change in triangle abc for sofa in triangle abc we know that my a + b + C is equal to what by right from the second period what my A plus B minus root 5 minus C H I have so I can do now I can take 10 both sides this will be covered 10 of a + b ok = watt and of 5 - it's nice expand them using the formula for ten Express why you why should formula also I don't care if my turn off w X + Y is there this can be done as what this can be written as 10 of X + 10 of why divided by 1 minus 10 x and turn off what is from this I can I just stated above can be done at what time of
plus what 10 of be divided by minus 1 minus 10 on my standard 10 of w b and services part 10 180 - theta it means that it is also in the second quadrant ok and a second content is positive negative us know it Right exactly is negative this can be done - of 10 AC light sign of the cross multiply them this will become what this can be done as 10 of a + tan a beard is this will become what - of 10 C - of tension minus a minus b + off against one of these villas plus of tan a tan B and what can see if I write down this path to the axis powers will come tan A + what can be the place of what can see equals what is coming equals what can be interpreted for tension I think this would we have to prove the conclusion is that I have to prove that tan A + tan B and C if I could of now this is equal to tan a tan B and C
where is there tan A + tan b + X = what 10A 10B and Tennessee so has proved have

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