In DeltaABC, if 2b =a+ c and A-C=90^(@), then sin B equal <br> All symbols used have usual meaning in Delta ABC.]



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Updated On: 4-5-2021

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` (sqrt7)/(5)``(sqrt5)/(8)``(sqrt7)/(4)``(sqrt5)/(3)`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59Suraj in this question and decides that is to be equal to 1 + c and difference of two angles 90 degree and to find the value of Sin B ok so it is we will be using first sine sine rule which is that ratio of side and the Sine of angle opposite to it is always constant so bad that upon sin of a will be equal to be a sign of free will be equal to C upon sin of C is equal to constant black denoted ok also we have 11 relation this so that use this so it is rumoured to be is equal to a plus we know that substitute the value
01:00 - 01:59be from here ke send me that will be too and took a sin b will be equal to hell of a will be ke Sin A + value of chivalry ke sine ke cancel house ok now whether we can write reset 2 into this week and right as sin 2 into 3 by 2 and this is equal to Sin A + sin C we can use one formula of sum of two angles which is 2 into Sin of a + 1 divided by 2 into Cos A minus 3 upon
02:00 - 02:592 cos B have given that's why I am using this for my ok so this will be equal to 2 into this becomes 22922 and this will become ok now as wait a minute ok bye have given this angles ok so as we know that a + b + c is 180 degree ok stunts + c will be equal to 180 - be ok send it ok so using this year will get you into Sin of A Plus TV
03:00 - 03:59have written as this 180 - 180 - 3 upon 2 cos A minus is given in question is 90 degree ok so it will be 92 ok so let's see what it become so it become a sin to cos B weide 2 is equal to two of these become sin 90 minus 2 sin 90 minus 2 and this become cos 45 degree ok sweet 16 tried this list Sin B by 2 into cos to this
04:00 - 04:59will be equal to this week and writers sin 90 minus theta Satish will be caused by 2 into cos 45 is 1 by root 2 and so this will be equal to this course we to cancel out ok so we can write our sin divide two s2y route to 1 by 4 feet will be equal to 1 by 2 root 2 value of Sin B ok students so find cos B to which will be equal to under root of 1 minus sin square B by 2 ok
05:00 - 05:59so this will be equal to under root 1 minus sin square B B will be come this week horoscope 2018 ok so caused by two will be under root of 7 by 8 ok so which we can write under root of 7 by 8 ok students a value of Sin B by 2 and cos B by 2 now can we will use sign that formula that sin 2A is equal to 2 Sin A cos ok so why that sin we will be equal to 2 into Sin B by 2 into cos 2a failure to sin a equal to
06:00 - 06:592 sin a sin b ok ok so from here will get pan Vs to into Cos pi by 2 cos Wave 525 get one back 202 and caused by to have get under root 7 under root 2 root 2 ok so what will be the value of Sin B so assigned we will be equal to this to cancel out so it will be equal to under root 7 by this will come to 22822 ok so this will be ok so that match the option ok Sofia good and 2/7 by 44 which is often tree so this will be correct thank you

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