In DeltaABC, a=17,b=8,c=15, find sinB/2.



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Updated On: 2-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello how to wear a given here in triangle ABC is equal to 17 is equal to 8 and sequel to 15 find sin by to write so we are given here to find Sin B by 2 so we will find cos A sorry cosby using cosine law because he is equal to X square + b square sorry it will be a square + b square minus b square upon to AC so it will be a is 17 square is 289 plus 15 square is 225 - 8 where is 64228 17 and C is 15 so if we add this so it will become so it
01:00 - 01:59Vikram 450 upon 13 to 17 rights 2020 will cancel out and it will become 15 upon 17 right from here we have caused the equal to 15 upon 17 and if we represent this in the triangle so it will be a right angle triangle so this is be right and cos B is Sobi is 15 and 17 it will become a square minus b square root so it will be 17 square is 289 -225 route so it will be it will be at right so it is it from here you will find cos B cos B will be
02:00 - 02:59cos B equal to sorry sin a sin b is equal to 8 vi 17 so from hairstyle by2 will be a sign of B by 2 is equal to 8 by 17 into two which is equal to four y17 write this is a required value so this will be our answers thank you Jesus thank you for watching this video

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