In Delta ABC , If b/(c^2-a^2)+a/(c^2-b^2)=0 then



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Updated On: 22-5-2021

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We have, <br> `(a)/(sinA)=(b)/(sinB)=(c)/(sinC)=k("say")` <br> `therefore (a)/(b^(2)-c^(2))+(c)/(b^(2)-a^(2))=0` <br> `implies (k sinA)/(k^(2)(sin^(2)B-sin^(2)c))+(k sinC)/(k^(2)(sin^(2)B-sin^(2)A))=0` <br> `implies (sinA)/(sin(B+C)sin(B-C))+(sinC)/(sin(B+A)sin(B-A))=0` <br> `implies(sinA)/(sin(B+C)sin(B-C))+(sinC)/(sin(B+A)sin(B-A))=0` <br> `implies(1)/(sin(B-C))+(1)/(sin(B-A))=0` <br> `impliessin(B-A)+sin(B-C)=0` <br> `impliessin(A-B)=sin(B-C)` <br> `impliesA-B=B-CimpliesA+C=2BimpliesB=60^(@)`



00:00 - 00:59hello question in triangle abc if be a point c square minus A square + b square minus b square is equal to zero then what is the value of B C hair we have triangle ABC so we can say according to the property we can say a upon sin a is equals to B upon sin b is equals to see your point sin C no let this week we have said this let this be kicked know from where I can say I can write sign as B square minus C square + I can write ciaz B square minus A square is equals to zero Now instead of a I can write the value as ke sign is and instead of B I can write this as sin square B minus sin square c
01:00 - 01:59no similarly for SI I can write this Uske sign c&b square will be K square this will be a sin b square minus sin square is not this is equals to zero right now taking ke common cancelling it we will get sign a this can be written as sin b + c into Sin B minus C this can be written as sin C sin b + a into Sin B minus right now this is equal to zero at what time do is I can I can write this as one upon sin this will be B minus C and S
02:00 - 02:59Sin B minus 1 is equals to zero now by taking LCM hair I can take Sin B minus A + sin b minus C will be equal to zero or simply you can say that sign of a minus b is equal to sign of B minus C H U cancer sign is I will cancel out so a minus b is equals to B minus C or a + b is equal to twice of the value of B from here it will be 60 degree right so the right answer is your depart write thank you

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