In Delta ABC, a^(2)(s-a)+b^(2)(s-b)+c^(2)(s-c)=



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Updated On: 24-4-2021

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`4R Delta(cos A+sin B+cos C)``4R Delta(sin A+sin B+sin C)``4R Delta(1+4sin.(A)/(2)sin.(B)/(2)sin.(C )/(2))`none of these

Answer :
Solution :
`L.H.S.=(1)/(2)(a^(2)(b+c-a)+b^(2)(c+a-b)+c^(2)(a+b-c))` <br> `=(1)/(2)(a(b^(2)+c^(2)-a^(2))+b(c^(2)+a^(2)-b^(2))+c(a^(2)+b^(2)-c^(2)))` <br> `=(1)/(2)(2abc cos A+2abc cos B + 2abc cos C)` <br> `=abc(1+4 sin.(A)/(2)sin.(B)/(2)sin.(C )/(2))` <br> `=4R Delta (1+4sin.(A)/(2)sin.(B)/(2)sin.(C )/(2))`



00:00 - 00:59so here we have a question in triangle abc a square into x minus a + b square into x minus b + c square into x minus 3 equal to write as this is the princess the question of property of triangle as we know what is the what is SAS equal to a + b + c b at the semi parameter right now we can write and writing as place in a + b + c format for this we will get a square and this will be b + c minus a right b square into C + C + A minus B and S S C square into a plus b minus C I will multiply with two and divide by to write so this this will be a into
01:00 - 01:59b square c square minus A square right so this will come as b into c square A square minus b square right I rearrange all the form tried so this comes as CC into a square + b square into c square write this as low as we know cosine rule that is a square equal to b b square + c square - 2 BC caused this we can write in this format that this will be as to abc cause a this will come as to abc cosby this will come as to abc costly rate so this will come as a
02:00 - 02:59+ b + c into Cos A + cos b + cos C right now as we know the property of property of trigonometry that ABC we can write cos a cos b as a 2 into Cos A + B by 2 into Cos A minus b to write + cos C this week and right right now as we know that in the triangle angle A + Angle B + angle C is 180 degree angle C is 180 - a minus b Angle B right and a a + b is equal to 180 - 3 so I can write hair
03:00 - 03:59I can write my angle kowsi and Cos equal to 1 minus 2 sin square Sohail right there is angle A + Angle B + angles is 180 degree angle C is one angle A + B that is my angle a + b a + b cos 180 - C survival right here that is a b c into two science Si bi to this will return as their this comes Cos A minus B by 2 and escor Z I can write in this format this is a property 1 minus sin square C by to right now I can write again I can write
04:00 - 04:59this ABC this will come thus to science by 2 cos a minus b by 2 and this will be to this will come as to end this Si I can write it as a a plus bi right so this will be sin square 180 minus b + a bi to write I can write like this this will come ABC this will come science Si bi to I write one science by two common so this will be cause a dynasty by to write writing here we have
05:00 - 05:59so many brackets so this will be cause and this will come as - this will come as costs because this will be cos 90 minus theta + 1 so this will be equal to Cos A + B by to write I am writing this packet here for this right this will become as like this now we have bracket and the cos Cos A minus B by 2 minus Cos A + B by 2 this is a property of trigonometry so this will come ABC 1 - 2 Sin C by to write and I can write this as a to sign by 2 into
06:00 - 06:59sin b by to write so I will have a 20 1 plus 4 sin a by 2 Sin B by 2 into science Si bi to write as we know we can write ABCD in form of this this value at ABC upon 4 is equal to area so this will come as this will be written as 4 into our atah circumradius into area oneplus 4 sin a by 2 Sin B by 2 into sin C by to thank you

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