In any triangle ABC,sin2Asin2B+sin2C is always equal to (A) 2sinAsinBcosC (B) 2sinAcosBsinC (C) 2sinAcosBcosC (D) 2sinAsinBsinC


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

As sin2Asin2B=sin(A+B)sin(AB), it becomes,


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question that the triangle and to find the value of sin square A minus b + c = 25 and this implies that a + b = 25 - 9 considered sin square A minus sin square B square minus sin square A minus sin square is equals to Sin A + sin x Sin A minus Sin A + B minus into minus minus plus
sin theta so take out common science we get Sin A minus B and C into Sin A minus b 9 science from here we get C is equals to 5 - and no sign of SI will be quite + 55 - theta sin theta so what we get every sin a + b a userform science what we get into 2 cos A into sin C equals to 2 science
cosby sorry I made a mistake her instead of see here we have a so this will be sign a so now look at the options provided to sin a cos b sin c that is option B is the correct option

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