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Class 11






Solution And Properties Of Triangle


In any DeltaABC (i)tan((B-C)/2...

In any `DeltaABC` (i)`tan((B-C)/2)=((b-c)/(b+c))cot(A/2)` (ii) `tan((A-B)/2)=((a-b)/(a+b))cot(C/2)` (iii)`tan((C-A)/2)=((c-a)/(c+a))cot(B/2)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Raaz videos Mane Dekhe the half angle formula is video Hum Dekhenge necklace isko Ham Kya bolate Lo of low of tangents to is video mein bhejo fruits karna is number de Nahin Aane Lagi that is turned off B minus 3 by 2 is equal to b c a b is equal to 2 and minus C minus 3 into C plus three quarter to improve ki turn off B minus 3 by 2 is equal to b minus b + C code of 2D game that is B minus b + C code

To Hamen bataya triangle ABC ke liye to a + b + c equal to 180 degree aaega b + C is equal to 180 degree minus of P + 3 by 2 is equal to 180 degree minus to the terms of separate Karte to b + c b Jaega 90 degree minus of a bi to pass value to key and Hamen yah bhi Pata by sine rule by sine rule and b is equal to C by sin c k k School took a Sin B and C is equal to K times of science Mandya to the right inside me on substitute bride to be ki jagah ki sin b - of ke science

ke sin b + ke science hole into court of A B 2 K C Sinha M aur Hamen Milega lessons into court of AP to Dekhen aap iski formula use kare to use aaega voice of Cos A + B + c by 2 into Sin of B minus C whole upon to sign of P + c by 2 into cos of B minus 3 by 2 x 2 p.m. to say to cancel out of course upon sin is caught the record of B + c by 2 into sin upon cos at eastern turn to turn off

minus 3 by 2 into court of appeal to a b + c by two key value replace karte ho jaega Court of 90 degree minus of a bi to INR to turn off B minus 3 by 2 into court of a bi to aur Hamen pata ki code of 90 minus theta is tan theta soikot A 90 degree minus 3 by 2 will be converted to turn off by 2 into 10 of B minus 2 into code of a b and turn into court is equal to 12 you jacket and of being to Yahan Se Mohabbat Ki bi minus into B + c Court of AP to is equal to turn off B minus C group of Napier sandal Hogi to similar viniyamak abaki prove speaker s formula mere pass aaega ki

minus b upon A + B by 2 is equal to turn off a minus 3 by 2 and method formula that would see - 3 + A lot of people to is equal to cos C minus to Hamari Baki donon formula bhi a gaye to is video gane ki hardik ki Sine Se Humne ine donon sari Cruise ko Khush rakhe hain aur yah sari proof lot next video mein area of a triangle find Karenge


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