Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


In ABC with usual notations, i...

In `ABC` with usual notations, if `r=1,r_1=7 and R=3,` the `ABC` is equilateral (b) acute angled which is not equilateral obtuse angled (d) right angled


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in triangle abc with notations if are ineligible to one exceed is equal to 7 and significance to 3 then triangle abc angle b is equal to Hota Hamara ho rha h Sahi never to caused by 2 cos theta by theek hai aur Hamara hota hai 4 assignable to Sandy where to sign Seba to common weather forecast unable to commit Jaega cosby by 2 cos theta by 2 minus Sin B where to see me 2 guitar Jagah aur answer key to Jagah is one that is 66 is equals to sin a by 2 cos a cos minus sin a sin b value Hoti Hai cos b + b cos b + c way to the caused by 2 + cos theta by 2 minus 3 by 2 science why do we value the cause

plus two School effective Mein schooli sakta hun main sign to theek hai ki tar Jayega aur sin square by to theek hai equal to 6 Jagah De De Mujhe 31237 12 12.2 = 2 sin square A by to sign with a Gai Saina ki value A Gai man mein route to yahan se tar Jayega 45 degree yah bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye to Tumhari ek hi payment to Abhi to iska matlab matrangal kaise ho gaya right angle triangle Ho Gaya to Mera option number 4 is the correct option