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Class 9






Congruent Triangle


In ΔABC a n d\ Δ P Q R ,\ A ...

In ΔABC ` a n d\ Δ P Q R ,\ A B=P Q ,\ B C=Q R\ a n d\ C B\ a n d\ R Q` are extended to `X\ a n d\ Y` respectively and `/_A B X=/_P Q Y`. Prove that ` A B C~=\ P Q R`.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello students in this question it is given as in a triangle ABC and triangle pqr is equal to P V C is equal to q and q are extended to X and Y respectively and angle b is equal to angle that this is the time of congruence super slitters draw two Triangles for this is my triangle ABC and another triangle pqr 9 letters name it also so this is my triangle A B and C is given as that a b is equal to you BC is equals to Q R and c v r q ok

letters for this is my cbx tended to X ok and auto also extend are you why Ok so here it is extended OK it is given that angle B equal to angle these two angles are also equal ok so here we can see that to this is an this angle is equal and we know that this 16th and Angle B this angle triangle abc angle A + angle abc is equal to 180 degree linear pair in the triangle

Y + angle pqr is equal to 180 degree since it is also a linear pair questions are having same right hand side so I can say that angle A + angle abc is equal to angle pqr + angle pqr angle B and angle pqr equal ok so I can say that angle abc is equal to Angle pqr all that is given that a b is equal to p q r c b is equals to Q are so bi s a s property of triangle side angle side angle side right side angle side

a triangle ABC is congruent to triangle pqr to prove in this question ok thank you


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