In a year, Seema earns Rs 1,50,000 and saves Rs 50,000. Find the ratio of(a) Money that Seema earns to the money she saves.(b) Money that she saves to the money she spends



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Updated On: 30-1-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hi students the question is in a year Seema and rupees 150000 and saves rupees 50000 find the ratio of money that Seema on to the money that she says and in the be part money that she saves to the money she spends so in this question will need three things earning of Seema saving of Seema and the money that she spends what we have to do we have given to information in this question that is the earning of her and the saving supposedly for that for calculating the money she spends we have to subtract Har savings from the income so earnings earning of Seema is rupees 100000 and 50000 savings is equals to rupees
01:00 - 01:592000 2000 Sohar spending is equals to income for earning - savings so this will be equal to Income is 150000 Saving is rupees 50000 Sohar spending is rupees 100000 know we have to calculate the ratio for a part of the earning earning to savings on into savings earnings 150000 rupees 50000 Common Factor here is 50000 so the ratio will be 3 ratio 13 ratio 1 in the B part
02:00 - 02:59money that she says so savings to the money she spends spendings savings to spendings so savings are 50000 and spending we have calculated that is one lakh again the ratio of the common factor here is 50000 we have to divide by 50000 50000 INR to won and Fifty Thousand in 22 is one lacks the ratio will be 1 ratio 2

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